Leadership in Turbulent Times w. Ex-Haitian Gov. Minister Dr. Jean-Francois (Franco) Thomas – Part 1

Sendra D. sits down with Dr. Jean Francois Thomas, a veterinarian by training, on his life journey and his tenure as the Minister of Environment in Haiti 3 years after the 2010 earthquake which killed an unprecedented number of people. He shares his love for his country and his vision for reconstruction and building Haiti as well as health during Covid-19 and his experience in the USA as a young Haitian college student. Come and listen to this fearless entrepreneur, civil servant and visionary who says you can come from a small country but you do not have to be a small person!

  • Greetings from SEND’ Or TV by Sendra Dorcé.
  • This is a motivational and inspirational videos of interview with investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and experts in their fields about their journey.
  • The Prime purpose of the video is to inspire personal transformation through imagination, self-empowerment and vision.


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